About Us

K ayesther Security Company Limited is a security outfit incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a Company Limited by Shares.

This outfit was established in response to the declining state of security in the country with a strong resolve to make a difference and assist clients to maintain their assets without stress or tension and to concentrate on their primary responsibilities. To this end, great emphasis is always placed on the technical and professional competence of our security personnel.

Furthermore, Kayesther Security Company Limited has the facilities and personnel to cater for the needs of both local and international organizations spanning all sections of the economy such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Banks, Government Parastatals, Embassies and Educational institutions.

Our Vision

Our vision towards achieving the company’s mission is to maintain:

  • Maximum protection of assets, people and places under our control.
  • Respectable professionals, ethics, trust, high quality and accountability.
  • Healthy competition with other private security organization.
  • Co-operation with law enforcement agencies and other private security organizations.
  • Serve as your ideal image maker at the first contact on entering the company’s organization.
  • To provide technology-enhanced security interventions to investigate, control and manage both actual and suspected security violations and contraventions.

Our Mission

  • To provide and maintain high quality private security services capable of sustaining and exceeding the expectation of customers through the use of highly trained staff and sophisticated equipment.
  • To provide clients with customized economical and comprehensive security services in line with best practices in modern security operations.
  • To provide services and protection to our clients at all costs and under all circumstances using integrity and confidentiality as our prime philosophy.

Our Tradition

Over the years, we have established a tradition whereby we responsibly mobilize and utilize human, financial and technological resources to identify and provide solutions to prevailing security problems without undermining our clients’ comfort. In Our Tradition of Honesty, we do not RECRUIT Guards We SWEAR them In!

Our Code of Conduct

Kayesther Security is a strong adherent to the concept of service integrity. To this end, in all our business relationship, we maintain utmost confidentiality. Also, we guard jealously the privacy of all our clients. Furthermore, we only deploy tested, conscientious, morally upright and responsible security personnel to the business premises of our clients. In addition we constantly keep our equipments, personnel and operation in top shape to be at par with latest developments in the security world.

In summary, the following key points serve as the beacon of our operation in terms of service integrity:-

  • Compliance with all applicable legal regulatory requirements and
  • Maintenance of cordial relationship with governmental security agencies such as Police, SSS, Civil Defence, etc.

The Code of conduct for all our security employees are as follows: Punctuality, Regularity, Alertness, Responsibility, proper Dressing, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Discipline, and Faithfulness.

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