Our Services

Guards Services

We provide well trained, healthy and educated Security Operatives to the following sectors:

  1. Oil/Gas Companies
  2. Financial Institutions
  3. Industrial Sector
  4. Commercial Establishment
  5. Educational / Missions Institutions
  6. Medical Institutions
  7. Unions/ Associates
  8. Government Organizations
  9. Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs)
  10. Private Residential Houses
  11. Hotels and Estates
  12. Protocol Escort Services
  13. Shopping Mall.

Manpower Development

Kayesther organizes training programmes for various corporate organizations, individuals etc. in our well-equipped Training Centre. We also provide in-house trainings and refresher courses for staff of all classes of business and non-profit organizations using our seasoned and well trained professionals / instructors.

Electronic Security Services

We undertake the sourcing, installation and maintenance of electronic security gadgets to prospective clients. These include:

  1. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  2. Alarmed System Metal Detector
  3. Sensors

Background Knowledge

Kayesther helps corporate organizations to conduct checks on their officers and employees when called upon to do so. This involves getting details from schools attended as well as village elders and members of the employee’s family.


We are one of the few Private Security Companies that do private investigation when called upon by a corporate organization and individuals to do so without prejudice to the Police. Details of findings are passed to the client who will then decide what further action to take.

Recruitment Procedure and Training

We have a simple recruitment procedure which all our Guards pass through. This include: Height test, Physical fitness, written test, Oral interview, Psychological and Aptitude test as well as Medical test. We recruit experienced Security Officers, Para-military and other Uniform Staff for retraining and deployment under the command of experienced Officers.

During the training, our Field Officers are mandated to investigate the backgrounds and character reliability of the operatives. However, the operatives’ referees and guarantors are investigated to ascertain their degree of responsibility. Guards that are found wanting are dropped during the training.

Operatives have extensive security training and have attended basic supervisory training. which covers the following:

  1. Customer Services
  2. Management
  3. Communication
  4. Disaster Management and
  5. Health and Safety.



We have found out that quality protection of any given premises has its diverse technological security approach.

Given this background, we have made it a point of duty to survey or inspect all clients’ premises wishing to engage our services in order to advise them on security implications and control in their various sites.

This is followed by a comprehensive analytical report to the client enumerating the security lapses and recommendations e.g. number of personnel, security gadgets, safety equipment, structural improvements, etc.



We are delighted to inform you that we have in place a well articulated staff recruitment system.



We have in place the following insurance policies to protect our staff against losses arising from any of our contracts:

Professional Indemnity:
This covers all damages or loss arising from negligence by our employees.

Workmen Compensation Policy:
This policy protects our operatives against partial or permanent loss (e.g. disability, death) that may occur in the course of performing their duties.

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